Thursday, November 5, 2009

we'd be home by sunday

While driving to the hospital during the early morning of August 27th, we were full of excitement. We would soon have our new baby in our arms and expected to be home no later than Sunday. We didn’t bring our newborn home that Sunday, but we are bringing him home on Monday.

That’s right! Ellis is scheduled to be discharged on Monday, November 9th. We are so full of emotion - thrilled to finally have him home, relieved that the rollercoaster is coming to an end, sad to leave our new friends behind, and a bit nervous to care for Ellis without help from the fabulous staff at Children’s.

The amazing part: Ellis is coming home without any medical support. No oxygen, no feeding tubes! Nothing!!!!

Here’s a close look at Ellis, cannula free!

Weeks ago I asked Lilah to draw a picture for Ellis. To my surprise, she drew what looks a lot like our family, with Ellis and his "wires" at the end. Of course, when asked what she drew, she responded with "circles". Yes, Lilah, those are circles.


  1. He is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! This is the best news I've heard in a long time. I'm so impressed with his strength and strong will. I am incredibly excited for all four of you and I can't wait to see pictures of him in the comfort of his own home.

    I love you all!!

  2. Soooooooooooooo happy for you all! Welcome to the outside world Ellis!!!!
    The Brinkmanns!

  3. This is the best news...It's time to open that bottle, and toast to the strength, and courage that Ellis and your family has had over that past two months. We love you and are just so happy for Ellis to be home.

  4. We both are so thrilled to hear this news!!! After Monday Ellis will be home! May God continue to be with all of you on this journey we call and prayers...Kathy

  5. Congratulations! Paul, Mary, & Nick Lammert

  6. Happy Homecoming, Ellis!!!!! May the love in your home continue to srengthen and nurture you. All our love to the four of you, Tim, Judi, Claire and Teo

  7. Congratulations! Wishing your family & Ellis the best of health!

    Lisa O'Hara

  8. Finally Ellis will be home and we have our first artist in the family.
    I am so happy for your guys, see prayers truly work.