Monday, November 16, 2009

we've been selfish

We've been a bit selfish with our time, sorry! Ellis is doing very well. He is keeping himself busy - sleeping, eating, pooping, playing...sleeping, eating, pooping, playing. Life is so very good.

Here are the pictures we promised a week ago, with comments from Ellis.

Getting ready to leave:

"We're going where?!?!"

"Oh, you're serious about this home thing."

"Hold on! You mean I have to leave all my lady friends?"

"I suppose I could give it a try."

At home:

"This home place is kinda boring."

"But this bed isn't too bad."

"I love this guy."

"She lives here, too?"

"What do I have to do to go back to my ladies - stop breathing?"

"So this is the sun, eh?"

"Playing is hard work..."

"Please, please, I need my ladies!"


  1. Truly amazing. So very happy for you all.

    Big hugs from Australia


  2. OMG -- he's soooooo cute, I think I see a bit more of James in him. So, when ya'll heading west to visit your family and friends in KC? Okay, okay I'll give you a bit more time to be selfish, you deserve it. ENJOY!

    Tia Mita

  3. What a doll face! He looks pretty happy! You all look pretty content! I bet Grandma Mary can hardly wait to hug this little guy.Continue to remember 'laughter is the sun that drives winter from the face.' God Bless you all...Kath

  4. You guys all look so happy! I love seeing all four of you at home together. Ellis looks absolutely fantastic!! Thanks for posting the pictures.

  5. Thank you!!!! WE have been eagerly awaiting these pictures. Ellis looks absolutely fabulous, and you all look so happy to be home together!!!!

    the O´Briens

  6. What a happy family! WOW! Congratulations to all of you. Enjoy the holidays!
    The Brinkmann's

  7. You guys look so normal! Has James stopped that nervous looking around for something to go wrong? I have already developed so many bad habits. I only wash my hands on the half hour and not every five minutes! Bayta misses her boxer! Tell James that good things happen to good people and you guys are due for more good news! We haven't stopped praying for any of our NICU mates... probably never will! How are the sleep cycles? We had our first no sleep night two nights ago... so last night I sent Amanda to bed a 8:30 PM and threatened the kids with imminent bodily harm if they woke thier mother and we watched A Bugs Life before bed. Its nice to have normal problems!

  8. So great to see you all at home together! I love the pictures. The kids will be so excited when I show them. They are so excited to meet their cousin! Love you all so much!

  9. I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him.

  10. We all miss Ellis, but are SO happy he is home where he belongs! Can't wait for that first visit!


  11. Wow! I'm soooo happy for you guys and that is one beautiful baby boy you have! Congrats on a job well done parents and big sister!

  12. Dear Christine, James & Family, hope you all had a very Blessed & wonderful Thanksgiving! You have 2-beautiful babies... looking forward to more pics [maybe as time passes] Kathy

  13. I am just so happy for all of you. Emily

  14. I'm so sad I missed Ellis yesterday:( Heard he looks awesome and is just as big of a flirt as the day he left. So happy for you all!

  15. Who do we see about getting our money back on this blog? I think I speak for the vast majority when I say I want more pictures or I will think seriously about taking my business elsewhere?!? Actually I can't talk ours hasn't seen an updated in a loooong time! Hope Christmas was a stress free time for you and sometime during the day you got to take a breath and enjoy the miracle of having your loved ones under one roof! We miss you and were thrilled to get to see you at the boathouse. We are now cleared until March 2010. (Genetics consult) The offer for housing is still on the table... but because of the economy we have had to lay off the maid and the valet, so it might be a little rough. Email when you get a chance and let us know how you are getting along. I know you are super busy. We are too. Last night Amanda got zero sleep. (Bayta slept through a feeding and apparently that caused some pain for Amanda) It was hard to sleep through her moans, but I managed.

    Your NICU Pal,


  16. Hi there, my daughter is an ECMO survivor (went on ECMO due to PPHN). She is now 8 months old. I am still looking for answers, still hunting for stories of ECMO babies. None of our friends seem to understand what we went through, and I try to find some of reassurance from blogs such as yours.
    I hope and pray that Ellis is doing well. Please email me at keyagal(at) if you ever get the chance.